Solo exhibition in a beautiful public library near Nantes (FR). The curatorial team chose to give a 360° vision of my work, displaying posters but also books, t-shirts, bags, badges, magazines and last but not least, sketch books. I created the poster (in two different formats), postcards and of course bookmarks – using mainly black and white, but also cyan, magenta and (a bit of) yellow as in the offset printing.

The exhibition is visited regularly by students or the general public, and the library's team does a terrific educational work. The public can play with a collection of magnetic words, pictures and graphic signs in order to compose their own posters on the wall.

The exhibition design is conceived by Jean Schneider: a long wooden leporello that bears almost all the pieces. Sober, impactful and elegant.

Graphic designers such as Alain Le Quernec, Malte Martin, Fanette Mellier and Pierre Vanni have been invited before, so it is a very big honour for me.

Many thanks to the library's team, Saint Herblin's municipality, and to Jean Schneider.

Me !